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Indian Art is Varied and Diverse

Indian Art is Varied and Diverse
Write By: graphicimaage Published In: Indian Paintings Created Date: 2014-05-10 Hits: 139300 Comment: 3

Indian art cannot be lumped under one heading.  There are  manyforms of Indian art, painting, sculpture, folk art, miniature art, and calligraphy.  When we talk about visual art alone Indian art covers a large canvass.  Under one genre painting alone, there are a number of types and school of painting. There is  tribal, folk, abstract and traditional art. 

Then, under miniature art, there are, Moghul school, Rajasthani School and Kangra school.  The list is mind boggling and this is one type of genre.  If one looks at the genre which comes under heading of art it would take hundreds of pages just to describe all types of Indian art.

Indian art has a rich heritage, it is nurtured and cherished through the centuries, in towns and villages.  It is patronized by the mighty kings and ordinary individuals from the days of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro to the modern times.  The caves of Ajanta and Ellora, the exquisite sculptures from 13th Century Chola era, the serene statues of Buddha from North East and Ladaka, all form part of Indian art. From Alexander, to Moghuls and Europeans, each invader became a part of India and left his own imprint on Indian art.  Thus, you have Greco Buddhist Indian art, serene statues of Buddha which display some form of Greek classical art, Mughal miniatures and calligraphic specimens with intricate designs borrowed from the Persian art and adapted to the Indian environment. 

Indian art is rich, it is influenced by many global movements in art but it has retained its own individuality.  When one looks at the miniatures from Rajasthan one marvels at the paintings of Indian gods done in a Persian miniature style.Take a look at the colonial art, the influence of British on Indian art and after the independence the influence of contemporary art on Indian art and you will be stunned by the unique art pieces painted, produced and made by Indian artists.



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